1.1 The name of the league shall be THE DORKING & DISTRICT DART LEAGUE.

1.2 The league will act through it's committee, the composition of which is as follows:-

Chairman :- Paul Wickens League Secretary & Treasurer:- Dave Ede

Committee Members:- Stuart Bane, Steve Homewood, Jamie Charlwood

Steve Dunn, Mick Cook, Pete Marples.

1.3 Entry to the league is open to public houses and clubs in the Dorking and District area. All entries are subject to the approval of the committee. The Committee may also grant entry to pubs and clubs in neighboring towns and villages.

1.4 Foul Language and unruly behavior may be unacceptable by some Landlords and Landladies. All players should be aware of this.

1.5 Complaints concerning teams or individuals are to be put in writing and sent to the league secretaries within seven days of the alleged office.

1.6 Any registered player who is barred from a house where he due to play, can only do so with the permission of that Licensee. The committee cannot and will not intervene.



2.1 Player membership is open to Players, not less than 18 years of age, to whom the committee is prepared to issue a registration card.

2.2 Registration Fees for season 2013/14 are 50.00. All fees are inclusive of team & player registration and Eights competition entry

2.3 Teams may register a player at any time in the first half of the season. Players may be signed on the evening of a match providing the opposing captain agrees and the player has not played for any other team.

Registrations in the second half of the season must get the approval of the Committee.

2.4 A player may transfer from one team to another providing that; both team captains and the committee give their consent. Please also note there is a 5.00 transfer fee.

2.5 Landlords are required to register if they wish to play. However if a house has more than one team, they will be automatically be entitled to play for both sides.

2.6 No moneys will be refunded to teams or individuals who withdraw from the league, for whatever reason.



3.1 All league matches will take place on a Tuesday evening, commencing at 8.15pm for B League and 8.30pm for A League (Open board from 8.00 B League & 8.10pm A League ). All matches must start on time to ensure that the match can be completed.

3.2 All matches will be played on a Fibre board in good condition. The board must be set at a height of 5ft 8ins (172.72cm) from the floor to the bull. The throwing distance must be no less than 7ft 6ins (7ft 9 ins is preferred). The toe line shall be plainly marked and be at least 18ins (45.72cm) long.

3.3 Scores must be recorded by means of blackboard & chalk only. No electronic scoreboards.

3.4 Registration cards must be produced for the draw at each league match. Teams playing short must produce 8 cards for the draw

3.5 Order of play will be determined by the opposing captains drawing at random the 8 nominated registration cards, cards are to be drawn alternately between the captains.

3.6 Substitutes may be nominated providing that both team captains agree before the draw has taken place.

3.7 Order of play in all league matches shall be as follows:-

'A' League 4 pairs of 601, one leg. 8 singles of 501, best of three legs.

'B' League 4 pairs of 601, one leg . 8 singles of 401, best of three legs.

3.8 A throw shall consist of 3 darts, except where the game is finished in less. Darts cannot be re-thrown and only those touching the surface of the board shall count

3.9 If the score required is exceeded in the course of a throw, then the throw will cease and no account will be taken of the score obtained during that throw.

3.10 The Home side will Score the match and the Away side should provide a Caller.

3.10 Teams that move to another venue at the start of a season may retain their league status, providing the Committee agree and a minimum of 5 players from the previous season register. Please also see rule 1.3. Teams that amalgamate at the start of a season will be reviewed by the committee and placed in the appropriate league.

3.11 All new sides (a team with 4 or less players that were registered the previous season) will be reviewed by the Committee and placed in the appropriate league.

3.12 Any team playing an unregistered player shall be barred from the league and competitions for the remainder of the season.

3.13 Matches may be postponed for the following reasons:- i. Severe inclement weather. ii. Extreme circumstances.

All postponed matches are to be played as soon as possible. If opposing captains cannot agree a date with the league secretaries within 14 days, the committee will forecast the match under 3.14.

3.14 Any team which does not field a team at all, or does not have the minimum of 5 players shall forfeit the match and their opponents will receive 9 points.

3.15 Teams constantly playing short will be reviewed by the committee. The committee will always try to help where possible.

3.16 Any side that fails to complete 80% of their fixtures will be banned from playing together the following season.

3.17 All points will be deducted throughout the complete season from teams withdrawing from the league for whatever reason.

3.18 Result Notification

Both Teams will email ( ) or text 07979685445 the result.

3.19 Most Tons, Game shots, 180s and Highest finish.

Teams will now be expected to keep a record of the players most tons etc in a score book or similar.

Please email or text your top 3 players details each week or as and when.

EG:- G Goldsmith 33T 12GS 2x180 & 160HF

Inspection of score books may be necessary in cases of dispute.

3.20 The league table will be updated online each week when all the results are in.

3.21 Sportsmanship trophy will be decided by the committee. We welcome emails from all teams, when opposing team does something sporting.



4.1 Knockout competitions will be played in the following formats:-

Open singles , Divisional singles & Inter House singles 501 best of 3 legs.

Open pairs 601 best of 3 legs.

Open fours 701 best of 3 legs.

Eight - a - side 1001 best of 3 legs.

4.2 Any team wishing to enter players in any of the competitions must complete and return the appropriate entry form and return it to the league secretaries with the competition fee by the closing date specified on the entry form. THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES.

4.3 Players wishing to enter any competition must have played at least 2 league games prior to the competition date. This rule will not apply to the eight a side or fours first round.

4.4 No moneys shall be refunded to teams or players who withdraw from any competition for whatever reason.

4.5 Competition venues will be decided by the committee. Houses that provide a CHALKER & ADJUDICATOR will be preferred.

4.6 Competition draws will take place in the presence of at least 4 committee members.

4.7 The finals of all competitions will be played on the Finals & Presentation Evening. All teams will be notified in due course.

4.8 Rules 1.6, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.8 , 3.9 will also apply to all competitions.

4.9 Competition fees are as follows:-

All Singles competitions 1.00 per player Pairs competition 2.00 per team ` Fours competition 4.00 per team

4.10 Substitutes may be made in any of the team competitions (Eights, Fours and Pairs) providing the player has not already registered or played in the competition. THERE WILL BE NO SUBSTITUTES IN ANY OF THE SINGLES COMPETITIONS.



5.1 All annual trophies that are awarded to teams will be held in the custody of the licensee concerned.

5.2 All annual trophies are to be kept secure and in a presentable condition.

5.3 Any damage discovered on any annual trophy must be reported to any one of the committee members as soon as possible.

5.4 All annual trophies will remain the property of the league.



6.1 Any team or individual that gives cause for complaint will be offered the opportunity to appear before the committee to explain their behavior.

6.2 Any Disciplinary measures taken by the committee are final.



7.1 Promotion and relegation. The top team in each league (excluding A League) will be promoted and the bottom team will be relegated. All other promotion / relegation issues will be decided by the committee.

Any other matters not provided for in the forgoing rules shall be decided by the committee, whose decision will be final.

7.2 Disclaimer:- Any player that participates in the league does so entirely at their own risk. The league does NOT accept any responsibility for any incident that occurs as a result of playing darts in the Dorking & District Dart League.